Environmental Compliance Consultants

Dragun is recognized for our ability to interpret today’s regulations and communicating the impact of those regulations on our client’s operations/facility. Our environmental engineers/geologists/scientists have worked with clients to prepare a variety of environmental approvals and permits to help our clients to comply with the changing regulations.

Whether you are addressing a potential discharge to the air, soil, water, or groundwater, our staff, which includes professional engineers and professional geologists, can assist you with all your compliance needs.

Approvals, Permitting, and Compliance Monitoring Services Include:

  • Excess Soil (O.Reg. 406/19)
  • Environmental Activity & Sector Registry (EASR)
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Designated Substance Survey
  • Mould evaluation/survey
  • Asbestos evaluation/survey
  • Discharge Permits – stormwater/sanitary
  • Permits to Take Water
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Contaminant Management Plans (CMPs)
  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • Remedial performance monitoring programs
  • Remedial system operation and monitoring programs
  • Reporting

Environmental Compliance is Ongoing

Environmental compliance is dynamic – the rules change, the activities and process that are regulated change, the thresholds for permitting requirements change…and non-compliance isn’t an option! With increased focus from the regulators and stakeholders on environmental compliance issues, violations are taken seriously and can lead to fines and penalties, not to mention permanent damage to your reputation. Bottom line – environmental compliance is serious business and you need experienced professionals to help you with your environmental compliance issues.

Beyond the longer-term environmental permitting and planning requirements, there are other activities that require environmental permitting. These activities may be related to new construction, expansions, demolitions, dewatering, modifications to equipment, modifications to processes, and more. We have worked independently, and in some cases, worked as part of a team with a constructor, to help our clients stay compliant with the requirements on a particular project.

…and we won’t hand your permitting and planning needs to the summer intern or someone with no experience. We assign senior-level scientists and engineers to advise you every step of the way. And most of our senior associates have tenure with Dragun that exceed 20 years! Expect excellent service from our staff of environmental professionals.

Expect the Extraordinary

Dragun’s associates are advisors, we don’t treat your work with a checkbox mentality, you deserve more than that. Our approach is to customize our service to your business objectives. And our associates have an intimate, working knowledge of evolving environmental compliance and regulatory issues at the provincial and federal level.

The one-stop solution for your needs

At Dragun, compliance is part of the total team approach to environmental management, which also includes project supervision, ongoing communication on emerging topics.

Our aim is to keep you informed of the status of the project throughout its duration. When the project is complete, we want your feedback in the form of an “End of Project Client Interview.” This is how we improve on the service we provide you – by getting your direct feedback.

Discover what companies have known for more than 35 years, environmental compliance consultants from Dragun help keep you operating, profitable and compliant.