Environmental Consulting for Chemical Producers

Chemical companies face environmental and health and safety issues daily. They need skilled, credible partners to help protect their interests.

The industry leader

Dragun Corporation has an unmatched 25-year history of serving chemical companies. World leaders such as Henkel, Monsanto, 3M, Dupont (Axalta), and Dow have relied on our experts for decades for the full range of environmental consultation:

  • Peer review based on the remarkable expertise of Dragun’s senior staff of Ph.D. and Masters-level engineers and scientists.
  • Site assessment and remediation for “high liability sites” that begin with a reliable site characterization
  • Environmental compliance that helps your company retain its credibility and avoid fines, penalties and negative press
  • Permitting and planning that includes evaluating requirements, then negotiating on your behalf, to avoid unnecessary expense.

A complete, corrective approach

In the case of a former chemical manufacturing site that was inadequately assessed…our client -Henkel -faced substantial costs in investigations and monitoring in a challenging regulatory climate.

We entered this project to help Henkel use good science and engineering to protect its interests and reach a stage where it could close and sell the site. We did not blindly follow the Regulators’ requirements; instead we evaluated the data objectively and questioned the Regulators interpretations and requirements, where appropriate.

  • We had some contentious negotiations with the Regulators during which we had to “gently” correct their misunderstanding and misapplication of technical information.
  • We corrected mistakes made by previous consultants during earlier environmental investigations.
  • We obtained representative data that supported an alternate, yet appropriate, remedial approach.
  • Finally, we closed the site using risk-based cleanup criteria, and ultimately saved Henkel $1 million.

Leading organic and inorganic chemical producers like Henkel, DuPont (Axalta), and Monsanto call on our environmental consulting experts for the full range of environmental solutions. You too can trust our 25-year successful track record. Contact Christopher Paré for more information.