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Environmental Consulting for Insurance

Insurance claims tied to environmental issues can get very expensive, very quickly. Whether you are already in litigation or want to avoid litigation, call on Dragun’s senior environmental experts. Our background includes investigation of co-mingled plumes, landfills, long-term chemical and petroleum releases, and sudden releases as the result of accidents – and the results for our clients have been impressive cost savings.

Environmental Consulting for Landfills & Waste Management

Landfills & Waste Management

Landfills present a significant challenge from permitting and planning to understanding hydrogeological conditions, assessment of potential releases, and litigation. Dragun has solved complex landfill issues since 1988; we’ve even developed a patented process for addressing landfill leachate.

Greenhouse Operations

Greenhouse operators are facing new environmental challenges. New requirements for expansion, management of waste, management of surface water, and engineering controls are some of the tasks that Dragun has addressed for greenhouse operators.

Environmental Consulting for Transportation

Transportation companies can find themselves bogged down in complicated compliance and permitting issues or worse, face fines and penalties for being out of compliance. Dragun, your permitting and planning advisor, provides exceptional environmental expertise for the transportation industry, which is why we’re the “go to” consultants for one of North America’s largest trucking firms.