Other Services

Indoor Air/Vapour Intrusion Investigation Evaluation

Although a fairly new area of environmental science and engineering in some jurisdictions, Dragun has been involved with projects involving vapour intrusion for over a decade. Dragun recognizes that the vapour intrusion pathway can be significant and has the potential to cause adverse affects. Our team of experienced associates has worked on numerous projects with vastly diverse conditions. Using good science, we have been able to put vapour intrusive into perspective and allow clients to make informed decisions regarding assessment and remediation efforts.

In fact, Dragun’s senior staff has written articles, conducted seminars, and provided field demonstrations on the science of vapour intrusion, so our clients know the best course of action when faced with a vapour issue.

Indoor Air/Vapour Intrusion Investigation Evaluation Services Include:

  • Vapour intrusion investigation, sub slab sampling
  • Peer review
  • Review of building structures/HVAC systems
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Report preparation

Water Supply and Water Management

Questions regarding the availability of a clean and plentiful groundwater supply must be addressed when developing a site that does not have access to a public water supply. Our senior team of hydrogeologists will deliver a thorough assessment of groundwater conditions as well as recommendations to maintain a reliable water supply. Whether it’s for a new residential development, a farming operation or a manufacturing facility – if you depend on groundwater, you need the Dragun method of critical assessment.

Water Supply and Water Management Services Include:

  • Peer review of existing data
  • Water well record search
  • Aquifer tests
  • Hydrogeological assessment/investigation
  • Permit to take water
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Report preparation