In 1988 when Dragun Corporation was founded by the late Dr. James Dragun, it was done so with the intention of creating a new way to solve complex environmental issues through world-class expertise and sound science. In the ensuing years, Dragun Corporation has built a solid reputation with clients in Canada and around the globe.

Companies large and small, count on Dragun Corporation to stay compliant and operating. They rely on Dragun to solve their environmental problems while minimizing expenses and liabilities.

Our History of Environmental Consulting Excellence

  • As a result of an historical release of gasoline, our client is remediating impacted soil and groundwater beneath their leased property and a groundwater plume that extends offsite beneath the owners surrounding property. The regulator required soil and groundwater cleanup to potable water standards even though conditions were consistent with less stringent criteria. Dragun evaluated and modeled the data and found that the groundwater would meet potable water criteria offsite even if less stringent criteria were allowed on site. The regulator had never permitted this change before but was convinced by the multiple lines of evidence that the change was protective of human health and the environment.
  • A client purchased a property many years ago that they subsequently learned came with soil and groundwater impacted by TCE, a common industrial solvent. After years of operating a remediation system, the system began to fail and there was still impacted soil and groundwater on the property. Dragun was asked to assess the remediation system and help determine the path forward. Dragun found that despite some flaws in the old remediation system, there had been progressive and significant improvement in groundwater quality on site during the past several years. Dragun is assisting the client with an alternative to active remediation.
  • After a client had a well-documented release of fuel, they were very responsive in investigating and remediating. However, they could not get the site to closure. Worse yet, in the opinion of the regulator, they still had not fully delineated the extent of impact. When Dragun was asked to conduct a peer review of the previous work, they uncovered several major flaws in the understanding of the site. Following a limited strategic investigation, Dragun helped the client prove that their impact was indeed delineated. And within two years of the peer review, without any further remediation, Dragun helped the client to site closure with no further action.
  • And the list goes on.

Dragun Corporation has provided complete environmental solutions for our clients including: expert witness and litigation support, site assessment, remediation, and closures; compliance, Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments, and peer review.

Our senior environmental consultants have taught and advised on environmental issues in Canada, the United States, Japan, Kuwait, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, and China. Every client who engages Dragun Corporation has access to our senior environmental advisors from inception to completion of their project.

From the field to the courtroom, the environmental consultants at Dragun Corporation deliver practical, technical, and regulatory knowledge, depth of experience, intense critical analysis, and the commitment to provide rock-solid environmental solutions each and every time.