Peer Review

Environmental Peer Review Services

Not all consultants are created equal – many lack the unique combination of advanced training, critical analysis, and experience to provide an accurate picture of your site. Remedial action based on inaccurate or incomplete information will not only delay a solution, it may expose you to unnecessary risk and significant unnecessary expense.

29 Potentially Costly Soil and Groundwater Investigation Mistakes

We have a distinguished history providing expert environmental peer review services for Canadian and international manufacturers, chemical companies, municipalities, and other industries.

In one precedent setting case, our peer review uncovered significant flaws in assessments conducted under the oversight of a government agency. Our peer review revealed that the contaminate transport was mischaracterized, and the proposed cleanup would not remedy the issue or protect the health and well-being of over 50,000 residents. Their remarkable story is told below.

When should you consider an Environmental Peer Review?

Ask yourself these five questions:

1. Who is managing your investigation/remediation: a regulator, a municipality, or your team?

2. Has anyone asked you what your project objectives are?

3. Is your site properly characterized, and how do you know?

4. Do you know when your current investigation/remediation will end?

5. Do you know how much it will cost to finish the investigation/remediation?

How Dragun Peer Review works

Our Peer Review team of senior advisors takes a “big picture view” of a project (project issues and your objectives) and through individual disciplines as appropriate, critiques each component (contaminant distribution, groundwater flow, contaminant fate and transport, methodology, regulatory obligations, etc). Our senior environmental advisors use critical analysis methodology to thoroughly review the existing data.

We provide you with a detailed report that clearly communicates the “actual” environmental issues – often missed by typical environmental consultants. Dragun will determine what the net effect is of continuing down the path of your current remediation plan and will make recommendations for the best solution to meet your project objectives and address regulatory obligations.

Gain confidence and certainty

Environmental peer review services from Dragun Corporation will let you know whether or not your project is on the right track, from both environmental and business, standpoints. If not, we will determine what you can do about it.

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