In these brief videos, we provide insight on a variety of issues including vapour intrusion, soil and groundwater investigations, and more.

Vapour Intrusion

Dragun has assessed vapour at sites in Canada and the United States.  In this video, we provide an overview of vapour intrusion and how to assess  vapour. Contacts: Christopher Paré, P.Geo. or Matthew Schroeder, M.S.  (519-948-7300)

Innovative Soil and Groundwater Investigation Technologies

Successful remediation, as well as legal disputes over soil and groundwater contamination, depend on a thorough understanding of subsurface conditions.  Some of the innovative approaches discussed in this video may help you, not only better understand subsurface conditions, but also help you find solutions. Contacts: Dr. Michael Sklash, P.Eng. or Christopher Paré, P.Geo. 519-948-7300

Environmental Isotopes

Environmental isotopes are atomic-level eyewitnesses to the source of groundwater contamination and can be useful in understanding everything from TCE to nitrates in groundwater. Contacts: Dr. Michael Sklash or Christopher Pare, P.Geo. 519-948-7300

Environmental Issues at Former US Military Site

The site is a former United States Air Force Base (approximately 30 square kilometers) that our clients inherited from the federal government in the 1960s. The community’s approach to the environmental issues at this site is fairly unique.  Contacts: Jeffrey Bolin, M.S. or Dr. Michael Sklash. 519-948-7300