The Problem of Sewage

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As our global and national population continues to grow, there are events that naturally follow.  For example, in 1950 the population of Toronto was about 1,068,305.  By 2021, the population had risen to 6,254,571.  That growth means more homes, more good and services, more roads, more parking lots and rooftops.  Where rainwater used to fall onto undeveloped areas, it is now collected, channeled, and in too many cases, combined with sanitary sewage.  During times of heavy...

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Lingering Environmental Issues and Some Remediation Progress

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While environmental headlines may tend to focus on the issue du jour (PFAS, plastics, microbeads, etc.), we still have plenty of older, unresolved environmental issues that require our attention.  However, we have made some significant progress along the way. Old Sewer Systems There was another reminder about the problems we continue to have with infrastructure, specifically our aging sewers and outdated combined sewer overflows (CSOs). 24-Billion-Litre Spill over Four...

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Environmental Compliance and Aging Infrastructures

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It’s quite a contrast how pollutants are viewed.  A Thunder Bay Pulp Mill was fined $250,000 for, “…failing to ensure that effluent discharge and testing limits were maintained…”  The company that was fined failed to ensure that the water was properly treated before discharge. Now, juxtapose the above non-compliance issue to the City of Montreal who was granted permission to discharge 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River.  Though the discharge turned...

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It’s The Water, Stupid

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Former U.S. President, William Jefferson Clinton, famously coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  This phrase has been modified numerous times over the years, including “It’s the ecology, stupid” (Journal, Nature).  The general premise of this phrase is focus on the fundamentals.  With numerous issues involving water quality in Canada, as well as globally, it may be more appropriate to say that our (environmental) focus should be more narrow – our water. In fact,...

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