Environmental Site Assessment, Remediation and Closure

No amount of remediation will solve an environmental problem if a site hasn’t first been correctly characterized. (See our pre-recorded webinars: Understanding Groundwater Contamination).

Dragun Corporation’s expert site assessment team identifies the environmental issues correctly the first time. This prevents your project from becoming an everlasting “annuity” for an environmental consultant. Our site assessments provide the information required to solve your problem because we focus on the fundamentals to form a clear understanding of

  • subsurface conditions
  • groundwater conditions
  • chemical behaviour
  • chemical distribution
  • regulatory requirements and options

A Site Assessment is not just a checkbox on a list of to dos, at least it shouldn’t be. Phase One and Phase Two Site Assessments from Dragun Corporation are designed to properly characterize your site, help you protect your investment, and put risk into perspective

Dragun Corporation has been conducting Phase One and Phase Two environmental site assessments for more than 30 years. We have completed hundreds of environmental site assessments. We have conducted these site assessments in several provinces across the country. These site assessments have been conducted at service centres, gas bars, industrial/commercial facilities, municipal properties and more. When the site assessment is done properly, you are able to put your risks into perspective and make an informed business decision.

Environmental site assessment services include:

  • Phase One ESA (RSC – O.Reg 153/04)/Phase I ESA (CSA Z768-01 R-2016)
  • Phase Two ESA/Phase II ESA
  • Merger and acquisition environmental assessments
  • Review of client provided documents
  • Information search
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Report preparation
  • Record of Site Condition

Environmental site remediation

When the Environmental Site Assessment is done properly, the remediation has a much better likelihood of being successful. As anyone who has ever been involved in a remediation project can tell you, environmental remediation issues can get very expensive very fast. An improperly addressed environmental remediation issue can negatively impact your corporate reputation. So how do you protect the environment, your reputation, and keep costs in control? You start with a thorough site assessment, which will allow you to make rational decisions. The two examples below began with a peer review to put the issues into perspective.

In this example, Dragun Corporation saved Henkel over $2,000,000. A local consultant had recommended a “traditional” approach to site remediation that would have cost $7,000,000. Dragun conducted a peer review of their investigation and data and found the consultant was simply following the regulator’s orders. Dragun developed an innovative remediation plan that implemented a series of cost-reducing approaches.

In one part, Dragun conducted bench-scale tests to remediate herbicide-contaminated soil in its Environmental Fate and Treatability Laboratory. These tests indicated a biopile could be used to remediate the contaminated soil and soils would not need to be hauled offsite to a landfill.

In the second example, Anchor Lamina, an international manufacturer and distributor of die sets and components was bleeding money and frustrated that there was a lack of an endpoint for their remediation. Dragun conducted a peer review and quickly discovered that the previous consultant had applied the wrong cleanup criteria. Dragun evaluated the existing data using the proper cleanup criteria, and then collected additional data to fill in data gaps to fully understand site conditions. Dragun then formulated a plan to quickly close the project using a risk-based approach to site closure, an approach the previous consultant never considered. Dragun completed the project, not at a cost of $5,000,000 (original estimate), but for $1,520,000.

After completing the project, Dragun received a letter from the VP and General Manager of Anchor Lamina that stated in part, “I am convinced that Dragun saved us millions of dollars by reducing the completion timeline and negotiating a fair and reasonable resolution.”

Environmental remediation services include

  • Peer Review
  • Soil and groundwater investigations
  • Remedial Action Plans (RAPs)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk-based closures
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Soil remediation
  • Groundwater remediation
Environmental Assessment and Remediation Experts

Dragun providing environmental site assessment and remediation training in Malaysia

Dragun Corporation = problem solved

From site assessment to site remediation and closure, regardless of the industry (manufacturing, chemical, petroleum, etc…) you can count on the proven performance of Dragun Corporation to solve your complex environmental problems and provide the best possible outcome based on your specific objectives.

Unsure about where your project stands? Call Dragun Corporation today and ask about our Peer Review Services.