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Canada Begins Supplying Rare Earth Elements

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As reported by the CBC earlier this year, “Canada has begun supplying the world with minerals critical to a greener economy with the country’s first rare earth mine delivering concentrated ore.”  With rising demand, we will likely see more investments in rare earth mining in Canada. The reason rare earth elements are in great demand is related to the products in which they are used.  These products include solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars, cellular phones, and more.  Canada, abundant in natural resources, including rare earth...

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Plastic Ban Schedule and Legal Challenges and PFAS Developments

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In our past blogs, we have shared news regarding the effort to ban certain plastics.  This restriction on plastics in Canada was made official and announced in a June 20, 2022, News Release. A group of manufacturing companies is seeking to overturn this ban.  According to an article in Plastics News, “A coalition of plastics companies has sued to block Canada’s ban on six single-use plastic products, challenging Ottawa’s decision to declare them ‘toxic’ and prohibit them.” The article continues, “There is no credible...

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Farmers Protest over Federal Nitrogen Policy

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Farmers in several countries including Canada are protesting.  In at least one instance overseas, a farming policy led to a chaotic result.  The overriding concern seems to be fear that government policies are going to interfere with the farmers’ ability to produce enough food to meet growing global demands.  What is going on and why are they protesting? As reported in the Toronto Sun on July 22, 2022, “Last week, Canadian news reports told of farm-related protests erupting across the country — including one that saw a slow roll convoy head...

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Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit Program Launched

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On June 8, 2022, Canada launched “Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System.”  According to a News Release, “The offset system will give municipalities, foresters, farmers, Indigenous communities, and others a market-based incentive to undertake innovative projects that reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) by preventing emissions and removing GHGs from the atmosphere.” Canada’s GHG Offset Credit System Canada’s GHG Offset Credit System consists of the following: Regulations to implement the operational aspects of the system; Federal offset...

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Plastics Ban, Environmental Enforcement, and Algae Blooms

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Below, we look at a few recent environmental developments (federal and provincial).  In our blogs, we often refer back to previous blogs we have written on a similar topic.  If you would like to look for a specific topic that we may have covered in a past blog, you can use the search function, which is on the right-hand side of our blog page. Certain Plastics Banned in Canada As mentioned in our January 12, 2022, blog (The Complexity of Canada’s Plastics Ban), the Canadian Government is moving forward with the ban on certain types of plastic....

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New Offshore Oil Project Approved and a $15 Million Fine

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The “tension” of energy needs and climate concerns was recently on display.  A June 10, 2022, press release from the Office of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change regarding Canadian Environment Week read, “As the celebrations for Canadian Environment Week end, we are reminded that we have only one Earth.  From the Torngat Mountains on the Labrador Peninsula to Haida Gwaii on the Pacific Ocean, from Point Pelee in Lake Erie to Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan all the way to Iqaluit in Nunavut, Canada makes a signature...

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Expenditures on Environmental Protection in Canada

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Environmental protection has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Likewise, Canadian citizens seem more attuned to environmental protection. Brief History of Canadian Environmental Protection Awareness and concern about the environment dates back to the 1800s and the work of ecologist, John Muir.  The Water Survey of Canada was established in 1908 and the Canadian Wildlife Service was founded in 1947.  However, the modern environmental protection efforts were founded in the 1970s and Environment Canada was created in 1971....

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Impact Assessment Act Headed for the Supreme Court of Canada?

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Is the Supreme Court the next stop for Bill C-69 (Impact Assessment Act – IAA)? That seems to be the consensus following the Alberta Court of Appeal ruling that the federal government’s environmental impact law is unconstitutional. The IAA deals with how energy projects are reviewed (mines, dams, electrical lines, pipelines, etc…). It considers the impact of energy projects on the climate and social factors and increases public participation. It was introduced in 2019 to replace the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and drew...

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Environmental Violations in Nunavut and Saskatchewan

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While the population of Canada is, for the most part, concentrated within 200 kilometers of the US border, many citizens live in remote areas including the three Territories (Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon).  The challenges of life in these remote areas include a colder climate, higher cost of living, and difficulty in getting supplies to the citizens. Being in remote areas also means that you may not have access to natural gas or electricity for heating your home.  According to the Canada Energy Regulator, “Almost all of Nunavut’s...

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Environmental Enforcement Across Canada

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Has or will environmental enforcement increase now that we are presumably past the COVID-19 pandemic?  Based on discussions and casual observations, it appears some provinces may be increasing their enforcement efforts.  The enforcement actions below, however, are all on the federal level and include enforcement in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island. While it is not possible to avoid every mishap, the more proactive a company can be in self-assessing its overall environmental management and making corrections ahead of...

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