Environmental Consulting for Municipalities & First Nations

When it comes to public health, the stakes are too high to risk using just any consultant. A flawed assessment can affect thousands of people and cost millions in liability. Sadly, many communities  learn the hard way that a poorly prepared consulting firm – or one that’s relies on doing Regulator’s projects – can generate more problems than solutions. When you need a proven consultant whose obligations remain with the community and its residents, you need Dragun Corporation.

Environmental Consulting for Municipality’s Successes

  • A group of five municipalities was awarded more than $100,000,000 in insurance coverage for landfill remediation as a result of Dragun Corporation’s understanding and communication of the complex hydrogeology of the site.
  • In another case, Dragun’s senior analysts performed a critical analysis and determined the type, extent, and movement of the environmental contamination for a group of four public entities in Salina, Kansas. In this precedent-setting case, a federal government agency agreed to pay 90 percent of the cost to fill data gaps and to prepare a remediation plan – the first time the US federal government has financed this type of effort.

Environmental Consulting for First Nations

Dragun has conducted environmental consulting services for First Nations, including peer reviews. Also, we have been on project sites to be the “eyes and ears” of our First Nation clients.

We have represented First Nations on projects that involve environmental impacts from federal sites and private industry. We provide our expertise, experience, and training to our First Nations clients.

Protecting you proactively

Our senior staff of PhD, Master’s-level engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists are experts in revealing hidden risks from, and to, municipal properties – risks that could expose your community to huge liability and devastating public-relations damage. Look to Dragun for …

  • Peer reviews to identify potential dangers and costs in your current site characterization
  • Litigation support that includes expert services in the event of a lawsuit
  • Site assessment and remediation to minimize liability and regulatory conflict
  • Management of high-risk sites including complex landfill and groundwater issues

Move in the right direction

Our experienced team puts your community’s welfare first – positioning you to minimize environmental costs, liability, and risk; and determining the right amount of funding needed for your remediation.

As city managers and directors have discovered, Dragun’s focus on the client, not the Regulators, is the best way to go. Contact Christopher Paré for more information.