About Us

Dragun Corporation: The Engineering and Scientific Professionals for Environmental Evaluation, Remediation, and Advice


Our passion is to solve complex environmental issues. At Dragun Corporation, our senior environmental consultants combine impressive professional credentials (including advanced degrees in Earth Science, Geology, Environmental Engineering, and Environmental Science; presentations across North America, publications, and university teaching) with extensive experience (on average 25 years experience and most of those years at Dragun) to achieve that passion. And you benefit as our senior environmental consultants directly serve and advise you.

Our work transcends business boundaries; we have advised manufacturing, commercial real estate, retail, greenhouse growers, insurance and petroleum companies, as well as lawyers, municipalities and First Nations communities. Dragun Corporation always delivers thoughtful advice designed to mitigate both environmental and business risk while delivering practical and often innovative solutions.

Dragun History

Dragun Corporation has served clients in Canada and abroad in many ways including:


Core values of Environmental Consulting

Dragun Corporation’s eight Core Values permeate every action:

  1. Professionalism in appearance, action, and attitude – professionalism at all times.
  2. Responsibility for exceeding expectations in quality, turnaround time, and more.
  3. Attitude that complements the expertise and professionalism of our services.
  4. Ethics that reflect those of our respected clients; we always take the ethical route.
  5. Commitment to communication that drives the success of our clients and our colleagues.
  6. Respect for the companies that hire us and for our colleagues that work beside us.
  7. Trust that is earned; we will do all we can to earn each client’s trust.
  8. Integrity is defined as moral soundness, the core value that dictates all our actions.

About our health and safety measures

Safety is the responsibility of all our associates – managers, supervisors, and support staff. Dragun Corporation is committed to providing a safe workplace consistent with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To that end, we take every reasonable step to eliminate the hazards that cause accidents and injuries. Safe practices and procedures are defined in our Corporate Health and Safety Policy and site-specific Health and Safety Plans for all associates to follow. Ask us about our record on Health and Safety; we are proud of it.

About our Quality Assurance/Quality Control

The Dragun Corporation is committed to conducting an investigation correctly, the first time. Being right is important to us, so how we get our data is critical. Dragun Corporation has more than 100 standard operation procedures (SOPs) that guide our field operations.

About how we “give back”

The staff of Dragun Corporation takes pride in supporting the communities in which we live and serve. Our associates across the board “give back” by regularly volunteering time and resources to charitable and nonprofit organizations, including Food Banks, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and more. Dragun Corporation frequently talks with local groups on environmental issues.