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When you work with Dragun Corporation, you work with an advisor – not just your typical consultant. And with a turnover rate well below the industry average, most of our senior advisors have been with Dragun for more than 20 years. So not only can you expect excellent advice, but you can expect expert results.

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MIKEMichael Sklash (

Senior Hydrogeologist Ph.D. Earth Sciences, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Expert Witness, Adjunct Professor, Author, Speaker

Mike is a hydrogeologist with a passion for getting things right the first time through critical analysis of the data. He also isn’t afraid to buck conventional thought, when necessary. Mike brings these two characteristics to every environmental project he touches.

Mike has a deep and broad background in Hydrogeology, formed from a demanding geological engineering undergraduate degree, followed by a Ph.D. from the world-class hydrogeology program at the University of Waterloo. Mike’s 15-year academic career prior to consulting served to further broaden his knowledge, hone his communication skills, and learn to teach the unteachable topics.

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CHRISTOPHERChristopher Parė (

Senior Hydrogeologist Honours Bachelor of Science in Geology, Professional Geologist (P.Geo.), Hydrogeologist, Author, Speaker

Chris is a Hydrogeologist who provides practical assessments of the potential fate and/or impact of chemicals in the environment. Chris combines his passion for geology and environmental consulting to find solutions for his clients.

As with many of Dragun’s senior environmental advisors, Chris has spent most of his career with Dragun. His career path has covered a multitude of environmental issues, including site decommissioning, site assessments, site remediation, underground storage tank closures, landfill investigations and groundwater supply evaluations and agricultural developments. Regardless of the issue, Chris brings the same passion and practical application of the geological sciences to the understanding of site conditions. Chris is also a frequent author and has written articles for several publications in Canada and the United States.

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KhaledKhaled Chekiri (

Vapour Intrusion Specialist, Remediation Specialist

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering,  Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Author, Speaker

Khaled is a Vapour Intrusion Specialist and is a Professional Engineer in Michigan and a P. Eng. in Ontario. He has evaluated soil, groundwater, and indoor air at numerous sites across North America. Khaled assesses chemical migration in the saturated and unsaturated zone including “vapor intrusion” (VI), and designs optimal remediation programs. Khaled’s ability to synthesize the extensive knowledge in indoor air quality, soil and groundwater contamination, and data interpretation allows him to develop efficient strategies to respond to VI issues. The goal of these strategies is to assist clients in making good business decisions in addressing the potential health and liability risks associated with VI.

Khaled has spent 20 years of his consulting career with Dragun. In addition to his knowledge and experience in vapour intrusion, Khaled conducts seminars and field demonstrations relating to VI, has written technical papers on vapour intrusion, and along with Dr. James Dragun, he co-authored the reference book, “Elements in North American Soils, Second Edition.”

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CliffAllan Clifford Lawton (

Project Manager, Masters of Science in Geology, Author

Cliff is a project manager who provides practical assessments of the potential and /or identified impact of chemicals in the environment. Cliff uses critical analysis and his passion for detail to identify misinformation and project shortcomings to allow Dragun to find solutions for clients.

Cliff has been with Dragun since 1993. He has been involved with projects that cover a multitude of environmental issues including: site assessments, site decommissioning, site remediation, underground storage tank closures, and landfill investigations.

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Dragun Corporation Corporate Team



Peggy Miller (


Masters of Science in Management, Controller, Senior Accountant, Human Resources

Peggy is the President of Dragun Corporation and has been an integral part of the senior management since Dr. James Dragun opened for business in 1988. For 25 years as Vice President, she worked closely with Dr. Dragun in building the company from the ground up. Her vigilant pursuit of the best and brightest scientists and engineers since 1988 is one of the principal factors behind Dragun’s extraordinary reputation. Her continued commitment to finding others who fit the Dragun culture provides a firm foundation for Dragun’s future.


Jeff-NEW1Jeffrey Bolin (

Sr. Vice President of Technical Operations

Masters of Science Hazardous Waste Management, Certified Hazardous Waste Manager, Senior Environmental Scientist, Expert Witness, Author, Speaker, Adjunct Professor

Jeff’s hands-on experience and education, specific to the environmental sciences provide him with a solid perspective on environmental issues. His equanimity complements his Masters of Science degree in hazardous waste management. Additionally, as a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM), Jeff is knowledgeable of environmental regulations and has successfully assisted clients during negotiation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and state regulatory agencies.

About our Founder – Dr. James Dragun


1949 – 2015

In 1988, with great passion, scientific acumen, and conviction, Dr. James Dragun founded The Dragun Corporation. Shortly after he established the company, he released his first book, “The Soil Chemistry of Hazardous Materials.” He would later go on to author or co-author many more scientific tomes including, “Elements in North American Soils” and “Natural Chemicals in Sediments.”

A native Detroiter, Jim completed his undergraduate work at Wayne State University in Chemistry, moving next to Pennsylvania State University where he earned a Master’s and Ph.D. in agronomy at his beloved Penn State. The university recognized Jim’s accomplishments in 2005 when the Department of Agronomy awarded him with the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Upon graduation from Penn State, Jim served with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington D.C. Over the course of the next five years, Jim would work on some of the nation’s highest-profile environmental projects. It was while working for the EPA that Jim became convinced that a sound, scientific understanding of contaminants and how they behaved in the environment was lacking from many of the scientific assessments that he reviewed.

Realizing that his nature did not lend itself to be a government bureaucrat, Jim soon found himself working for environmental consulting firms in California and then back in his home state of Michigan later on. What Jim discovered during his time working for consultants was he wanted to approach projects differently than through industry standards. He believed that consulting meant solving problems as quickly as possible. As Jim was fond of saying, “We get you out of trouble, we keep you out of trouble, and we don’t make trouble.”

Over the course of the next nearly 30 years, Jim earned a well-founded reputation as one of the premier scientists in the environmental consulting community, known for his disciplined, scientific approach to solving complicated, environmental issues and conducting tough-as-nails regulatory negotiations. Jim was also a frequent lecturer in both the United States and Canada. Jim’s expertise in soil chemistry reached China, Europe, and the Middle East, where he was also invited to teach.

Jim’s scientific rigor carried over into the hand-selection of his team of scientists, engineers, accountants, and other staff members. He insisted that his “team” jealously guard the reputation of the company that bore his name.

In 2012, as Jim opted for semi-retirement and to pursue additional interests, he handed over management of the company to his trusted team, most of which had worked at Dragun Corporation for 25 years or more. That team continues to operate the company today with great deference to a strong foundation that Jim established and maintained throughout his lifetime. That legacy lives on.