Environmental Consulting Solutions

Innovative and practical

Dragun is different from other environmental consulting companies. Dragun consultants are highly trained and very experienced environmental advisors. We do not blindly follow a list of regulators’ “to do’s” or blindly choose off-the-shelf approaches or leave your company’s fate to inexperienced staff. Our mission is to find practical solutions to your complex environmental issues and keep you compliant and operating while minimizing your environmental expenses and liabilities.

We don’t get paid for activity, we get paid for results.


Expert environmental consulting services firm

Uniquely equipped to solve complex problems

At Dragun, we question every statement … cross-validate every fact … consider every perspective … then map every piece of information. We don’t stop until each piece of the puzzle fits together. Then we prepare a robust conceptual site model that can withstand the most intense scrutiny. We can then confidently advise you on the best path forward to meet your objectives.

Dragun Corporation services

1. Peer Review: Uncertain of where your project stands? The Dragun review team is ready to help. We begin with “big picture view” of the environmental issues then we examine the details of each component (methods, hydrogeology, chemical distributions, etc.) The result: projects once lacking focus and a clear endpoint become clearly focused with the endpoint clearly in view.

2. Litigation Support: Our litigation support team includes scientists and engineers who have provided environmental expertise to the legal profession for 35 years. Our team includes seasoned consultants with graduate degrees (Masters and Ph.D.) in science or engineering, former professors and current adjunct professors, and published subject-matter experts. Not only are we technically good, you will see we communicate equally well in reports, in court, or around the negotiating table.

3. Site Assessment/Remediation/Closure: Successful remediation efforts require reliable conceptual site models. We spend time up front getting the hydrogeology and chemical distributions right the first time. This allows us to find the most appropriate remediation approach(es) for your specific site conditions. In some cases, we demonstrate why no active remediation is necessary.

4. Environment Site Assessment: It’s not just about paperwork; ESAs are a vital part of your overall business management. Phase One and Phase Two services from Dragun are designed to help you manage your investment risk and put risk into perspective.

5. Site Decommissioning: Dragun has 35 years of experience in assessing, managing and decommissioning industrial, commercial, and other sites. Site decommissioning activity includes removal of above-ground storage tanks (AST) and underground storage tanks (UST) at service centres, gas bars, industrial/commercial facilities, and municipal properties.

6. Approvals, Permitting, and Compliance Monitoring: Dragun is recognized for our ability to interpret today’s regulations and how these regulations may impact your operations/facility. Our senior advisors work with clients to prepare for a variety of environmental approvals, permits, and to comply with monitoring requirements.

7. Indoor air/Vapour Intrusion investigation/evaluation: Although a fairly new area in some jurisdictions, Dragun has been involved with projects involving vapour intrusion for over a decade. Vapour intrusion can be a significant impediment to site closure; however, we use good science to put vapour intrusion into perspective and allow clients to make informed decisions.

8. Designated Substance Surveys: Do you have a residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial building that will be renovated or demolished? Our designated substance survey can identify substances with potential to cause harm to human health and the environment. Dragun works with property owners, developers, and general contractors/constructors to conduct designated substance surveys without impacting your project schedule.

9. Mould Evaluation/Surveys: Is mould present in your building? What do you do next? Dragun starts with a thorough, well-planned approach to assess whether mould is present. Dragun looks not just at the obvious mould impacts but understands where mould could be, out of sight. We also use our forensic skills to determine why mould developed and provide recommendations. Dragun has conducted mould surveys in a variety of buildings, worked with abatement contractors, provided air quality monitoring services, post abatement verification, and reporting.

10. Asbestos Evaluation/Surveys: Asbestos surveys are required for many reasons: building renovation, demolition, or air quality assessment. Regardless of the reason, the survey should be conducted by experienced personnel. Our asbestos project experience dates back to the early 1990’s. Dragun has conducted asbestos surveys in hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings, worked with asbestos abatement contractors, provided air quality monitoring services, post abatement verification, and reporting.

11. Water supply and water management: Is there enough potable water for your site development? Whether it’s for a new residential development, farming operation, or manufacturing facility – if you depend on groundwater, you can depend on Dragun to deliver.

International Environmental Advising

When senior managers are responsible for facilities overseas or across North America, or across Canada, it can be frustrating as these distant projects lose focus and lack clear objectives. Let Dragun bring that focus back thorough review of work plans, proposed solutions and regulatory orders. We’ll make sure your project data are scientifically sound and, when necessary, we’ll nudge the local consultant in the right direction and provide assistance negotiating with regulators to better protect your interests.