Dragun Difference

Our History of Environmental Consulting Excellence

What distinguishes Dragun Corporation from the crowd? We talk with you to determine your goals. We then focus on the endpoint. We reach that endpoint by

  1. Preparing a logical and thoughtful work plan
  2. Using our extensive knowledge and experience to obtain the critical field data
  3. Synthesizing the data
  4. Developing and evaluating options, and then
  5. Selecting an option to reach your endpoint

You won’t find us checking off to do’s or blindly following the crowd.


When you engage the Dragun Corporation, you have immediate and unfettered access to experts with extensive education and experience. Most of Dragun’s senior consultants have advanced degrees in relevant fields. We’ve been there and done that over and over again for more than 25 years.

There is good reason that Dragun Corporation’s senior consultants are frequently asked to provide expert testimony, teach graduate and undergraduate courses, contribute articles, and speak at conferences. We have done this over and over again -Dragun consultants have taught more than 3,000 environmental professionals from 1,500 industries; 150 Canadian, U.S., and foreign government agencies; 100 consulting firms; and 300 law firms.


No wonder Dragun Corporation’s senior consultants provide Canadian businesses (manufacturing, chemical, petroleum, retail, agricultural, and insurance industries, as well as municipalities) and First Nations communities expert services.

Dragun Corporation senior consultants are skilled, “real world” advisors who understand business risk and client objectives. We have more than 2,000 projects under our belts for big and small businesses -like Norway’s largest industrial conglomerate and Canada’s largest railway.


We believe that every successful project rests on thorough analysis of the data. That is why we have an uncompromising commitment to critical analysis of every piece of data associated with a project. “No stone is left unturned” by our expert consultants, who take the time to question every statement, cross-validate every piece of information, and apply high-level assessment to determine the appropriate course of action to take.


No two challenges are alike, neither are their solutions. Dragun Corporation encourages innovation and creativity to solve our clients’ problems. You won’t find a “cookie cutter” approach here – instead, every project is met with a unique work plan. And unlike the crowd, each step of our work plan involves analysis of the data from the previous step – so the plan evolves to maximize our understanding of site conditions.

We then build a conceptual model from multiple lines of evidence that highlights the important environmental considerations.

From there, we identify critical paths to the solution, including various technical approaches, costs, business effects, and regulatory consequences.

Results matter for environmental consulting

We are focused on results. Results like identifying technical errors that jeopardized a drinking water supply for 50,000 people. Results that gave our clients opportunities to demand tens of millions of dollars in compensation. Results like clear and concise conceptual models and testimony that are crucial in court decisions. Results that have kept our clients in compliance and saved them money.