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Environmental Litigation Support Services

Litigating environmental matters often surrounds the question of who is responsible for the contamination.  What may seem to be the “obvious” answer, is often incorrect.

Dragun’s experts use a variety of advanced scientific tools to help understand who is responsible.  And because we don’t rely on any one tool, when it comes to defending our position (to a judge/jury/regulator), we are prepared.

When facing fines, penalties, and/or regulatory enforcement tied to environmental issues, you need a team that has the scientific “chops” to successfully challenge questionable allegations. Whether they be from provincial/federal regulators or another party that believes you are responsible for an environmental contaminant on their property. Dragun has “been there and done that”… successfully for 35 years.

Put powerful testimony in your corner

Dragun has a unique multi-disciplinary team of Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelor-level scientists, engineers, and qualified professionals including:

  • Hydrogeologists
  • Geologists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Cases in Canadian Provinces: British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Ontario
  • Cases in US States: Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Our staff has taught at universities and are routinely asked to speak at technical, legal, and trade conferences.  We also write for publications as varied as peer-reviewed scientific journals, to legal publications, and industry-specific publications (e.g., Chemical | Engineering | Agriculture | Legal | Municipal | Business).

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Dragun scientists and engineers use a variety of advanced scientific methods (including forensic methods) to identify the source of contamination (Image by ar130405 from Pixabay).

Critical analysis

Dragun Corporation has built its litigation services on a foundation of critical analysis.  This means we question every statement, cross-validate every piece of information, and retain only data supported by information from other sources.

Because all environmental projects “live or die” on the basis of the accuracy of data and information, we critique projects with non-discriminating, unbiased, meticulous analysis.  We take the time to think and digest the data/information to consider alternatives until truth is revealed.  We do not make “knee-jerk” decisions and conclusions.   We are not satisfied until all the “jigsaw puzzle pieces” fit together.

In addition, our thorough understanding of the technical principles of our respective specialties allows Dragun to clearly explain which technical principles work in a given regulatory arena, which do not, and why. And when the Court better understands the principles and facts, the Court can make the right decisions.

Environmental Litigation Support: Select Relevant Publications by Staff

Dragun staff have written hundreds of articles for a wide-variety of publications.  Below are a few the more recent and relevant articles.

“I would highly recommend The Dragun Corporation to attorneys or others seeking assistance with environmental matters.” – Lawyer

With more than 100 litigation support projects completed, we are ready to assist you in matters ranging from conflict between adjacent property owners to local, provincial, and federal cases.

Whenever an environmental issue puts your business on the line, you have a ready resource that understands the risks and your objectives and can present the issues and data expertly in any forum in an objective, scientific manner.  If you need more information about Dragun’s environmental experts, including senior scientists curriculum vitae, contact Christopher Paré, P.Geo.