Experts in Environmental Consulting Services


In today’s complex regulatory world, environmental problems require consultants that are not only results-driven, but consultants who have the proven ability to complete projects. For more than 25 years, Dragun has been an industry leader in bringing projects to completion and closing complex soil and groundwater remediations. Companies and municipalities across Canada know they can count on Dragun to find solutions to their environmental problems.

At Dragun Corporation, good science and engineering, decades of experience, good common sense, and good business sense converge to help you reach your business objectives while preserving environmental stewardship. Whether you require an environmental site assessment, remediation advice, compliance assessment, or expert services, Dragun Corporation has been there and done that. Whether you are a manufacturer, chemical company, retailer, transportation company, municipality, real estate developer … Dragun Corporation has been there and done that and can help with your environmental concern.

Expect results

The people who work at Dragun Corporation are special. Our passion is to solve complex environmental problems. We question every statement. We cross-validate every piece of information. We are driven to understand and to find the right answer. We hate to be wrong. We are not satisfied until all the “jigsaw puzzle pieces” of your problem fit together so we can develop the best possible solution for you. And once we have completed our analysis, we are not afraid to challenge … anyone.

Truly helpful environmental advice is not just completing a list of “to dos.” We do a lot more for you. You will find we are not your typical environmental consulting firm.

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