A 10-Second Environmental Compliance Check Up

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If you have a question about an environmental compliance issue, or would like us to address a specific environmental compliance issue in the future, contact Christopher Paré, P.Geo. at 519-948-7300, ext. 114. Environmental Compliance Tips and Insights 2022 February: Definition of Excess Soils How does the government of Ontario define excess soils? “Excess soil is soil that has been dug up, typically during construction activities. It must be moved off-site because it...

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The Complexity of Canada’s Plastics Ban

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The national ban on single use plastics (i.e., plastics that will not be recycled) was supposed to have taken place in 2021. That did not happen, perhaps owed to the ongoing global battle with the pandemic. However, on December 21, 2021, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Minister of Health announced draft regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) banning certain single-use plastics deemed to be harmful. What paved the way...

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Office of Auditor General 2021 Report: Critical of Ontario’s Environmental Management

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In our September 21st blog, we shared the news that the Ontario Divisional Court ruled that the Ontario Government broke the law by failing to consult with the public. This obligation to consult with the public is spelled out in the Ontario Bill of Rights. It should be noted that the above criticism and subsequent ruling was with respect to actions taken under Bill 197, the COVID–19 Economic Recovery Act. 2021 Annual Report Critical of Environment Ministry The recently...

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The Problem of Sewage

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As our global and national population continues to grow, there are events that naturally follow.  For example, in 1950 the population of Toronto was about 1,068,305.  By 2021, the population had risen to 6,254,571.  That growth means more homes, more good and services, more roads, more parking lots and rooftops.  Where rainwater used to fall onto undeveloped areas, it is now collected, channeled, and in too many cases, combined with sanitary sewage.  During times of heavy...

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More Enforcement and Controversial Trudeau Appointment

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In our October 18th blog, we shared news of environmental enforcement and that at least one law firm is suggesting there have been larger monetary penalties over the past several years.  With Prime Minister Trudeau’s appointment of a former Greenpeace Activist, Steven Guilbeault, to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, there are new concerns about future policies and enforcement. Construction Firm Pays $100,000 First, more enforcement news. On October 4, 2021,...

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$2.5 Million Fine and Potential Uptick in Enforcement

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Maintaining rail lines is an essential part of railroad operations. Quickly growing invasive weeds and woody plants can play havoc and is a safety hazard for railroad operations. Vegetation management is commonly achieved by the application of pesticides (pre and post emergent). Maintaining these lines must be done in a manner that is safe and protective of the environment. Environmental Violations Canadian National (CN) Railway was fined for improper application of...

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