Environmental Compliance Tips and Insights

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If you have a question about an environmental compliance issue, or would like us to address a specific environmental compliance issue in the future, contact Christopher Paré, P.Geo. at 519-948-7300, ext. 114. Environmental Compliance Tips and Insights 2022 March: New Hazardous Products Regulation Do the new hazardous products regulations (December 15, 2022) come into effect immediately? Yes, but the amendments will be phased over a three-year period through December 14,...

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Lithium Mine Moves Forward while Cement Plant Faces Opposition

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As we have covered in previous blogs, Canada is looking to take full advantage of the country’s natural resources that are in demand for the green economy.  Below we share news of a new project to bring more high-demand lithium to market and opposition to a cement plant, which is in high demand for wind energy. Critical Materials Projects In December 2022, the federal government announced that $3.8 billion has been earmarked (over eight years) to develop Canada’s critical...

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Fines for Spills to the Environment

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As 2022 came to a close, the Government of Canada announced a seven-figure fine for a company that had releases that resulted in fish kills. Release to the Environment Michels Canada Company, among other services, relines deteriorating sewer and water mains and builds tunnels for wastewater treatment plants. According to a news release from Environment and Climate Change Canada, drilling fluid and “sediment-laden waters” were released on two different occasions from...

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Ontario Excess Soil Requirements for 2023

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Environmental regulatory requirements for managing excess soil in Ontario have been on a government seesaw over the past year (O. Reg. 406/19:  On-Site and Excess Soil Regulation or “Excess Soil Regulation”). In January 2022, contractors were scrambling to comply with the more-stringent soil management requirements.  By April 21, 2022, these new requirements were officially paused by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).  This temporary pause was...

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Windsor Battery Plant, Canadian Natural Resources, and Climate Adaption Strategy

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Canada Boosting Battery Production In our September 12, 2022, blog, we shared the news that Canada began supplying rare earth elements to help meet the needs of the burgeoning “green economy.”  This focus seems to be paying dividends. A survey that ranks 30 countries in the battery-supply chain (mining to production) ranked Canada second.  Previous rankings had Canada as number four. According to an article in the Financial Post, “Canada has announced more than $15 billion...

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RPRA Changes, “No” to Certain COP 27 Language, and CAIP Update

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Below we look at some recent updates that may be important for the regulated community, both short- and long-term.  We also provide an update on a program that affects the citizens of Canada. Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) A November 15, 2022, news release from RPRA announced that generators, carriers, and receivers of hazardous and liquid industrial waste can now set up their registry accounts so they are ready to meet their reporting requirements and...

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