Environmental Preparations for Construction-Related Projects in Ontario

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Much of the world seems to have come to a complete standstill.  We all share a singular priority – stop the spread of COVID-19.  For nearly everyone, this means there is no business as usual.  Some are working at home, some are experiencing layoffs, and everyone has experienced drastic changes to every imaginable aspect of life.

While we continue to work on projects, we do so with a great deal more caution to protect everyone from this pandemic.

While we don’t know when life will return to some semblance of normalcy, we will continue to offer you our environmental regulatory and technical updates.

In the first quarter of 2020, we prerecorded two different webinars on topics that may be applicable to your current and/or future projects.

The two webinars are Permit-to-Take Water (PTTW) and Excess Soils, and both are specific to Ontario.  If you have any questions about what we cover in these presentations, please contact us (Katherine Rey and Christopher Paré) at 519-979-7300.

We look forward to working with you in the coming months.  In the meantime, we will do our part by following best preventative practices as outlined by our provincial and federal government…and we pray for global community.


Permit-to-Take Water Requirements in Ontario


Ontario Excess Soils in Regulation 2020



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