Businesses Start the Process of Recovery from COVID-19

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When stay-at-home orders kept most people from their routines, including work, wild animals were found wandering many city streets (Photo Credit

Many people have commented on how quiet it was as we were  in lockdown due to COVID-19.  In some places, wildlife found once-busy urban environments now very appealing as traffic all but disappeared.

The lack of cars, trucks, air traffic, and industrial activity did lend itself to peaceful evening walks and allowed us to, at least for the moment, forget about the tragic situation across the globe.

Reopening the Economy

We are now in the slow process of carefully and cautiously bringing the economy back into production.  We have had discussions at our offices about how to best stay safe during this pandemic.  Several weeks ago, we developed our COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures, which we have used as some work was required to proceed even during the Provincial Orders.

Economic Impact

While we have seen the human toll in loss of life, the impact on the economy may take some time to fully realize.  This is one snippet of economic news from Trading Economics:

“The value of building permits in Canada plunged 17.1% from a month earlier to CAD 6 billion in April 2020, following a downwardly revised 13.4% fall in March. It was the largest decline in the value of building permits since October 2008, amid the coronavirus crisis.”

We have seen several companies file for bankruptcy as COVID-19 pushed companies that were already struggling over the edge.  Some of the more-prominent names include JC Penney, Pier 1 Imports, Hertz, Neiman Marcus, and Gold’s Gym.

Other Impacts of COVID-19

In a Washington Post article, they point to another tragic consequence of the pandemic and resulting job losses.  “A (US) federal emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registered a more than 1,000 percent increase in April compared with the same time last year.”

Avoiding any additional loss of life due to COVID-19 and getting our economy healthy again are both crucial for Canada.  Neither should be minimized.

Dragun’s Help During COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, we at Dragun have done our best to keep you informed in our blogs, compliance tips, and webinars.  We also provided two pre-recorded webinars on important topics (Permit to Take Water and Excess Soils) for those involved in construction or Brownfields projects.  And for those who may be interested in getting a second opinion on a site assessment or remediation project, this might be an ideal time to look at our peer-review services.

While we are not part of the front-line team involved in saving lives (though some of our family members are), our contribution will be, and is, to make sure we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our colleagues and anyone on your job sites as safe as possible.  We are also here to help you stay in compliance and find the most practical, scientifically-sound approach to your environmental issues.

We look to the future with great hope, and we look forward to an opportunity to help you in the coming weeks and months.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.